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Why Hire GDG

Your new home is most likely the most expensive purchase you will make in your entire lifetime. You have probably already heard the stories of unsuspecting clients getting taken by unscrupulous contractors during the building process. But have you stopped to consider that the first step of the process- designing your new home- also has its own pitfalls? There are many types of companies and individuals that will offer their design services to you for your home design.

Let’s talk about the differences and their motivations:

The Draftsman

This person may or may not have any formal education in designing homes. More than likely, they have learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t in residential construction. Serious structural considerations like point loading, load paths, proper ventilation and insulation, waterproofing and flashing as well as other proper construction techniques are learned (or not) along the way. This type of person is rarely, if ever, on the “cutting edge” of design trends and product choices and will typically only give you exactly what you know to ask for and bring nothing more to the process.
Advantages: inexpensive Disadvantages: Nearly everything else – with a serious lack of detail and no professional liability to cover the project

The Designer/Builder

The Designer/Builder (that’s what it says on his sign!) This may or may not even be true. Many of these people simply employ “the draftsman” in the background and don’t bother to inform you. Other builders who actually do their own designs have varying degrees of expertise in design (most learn by trial and error as above); but the real motivations are this – they have you as a captive client with no competition. They are splitting their time between drawing the homes and trying to manage the construction and are rarely successful at both.
Advantages: usually doesn’t charge for plans if you build with them Disadvantages: no ability to competitively bid the home; must split time between drawing and building; lack of formal education

The Artist/Designer

This person talks a good game and draws a really pretty picture.  Their artistic rendering skills are amazing but make sure you speak with the builders that have tried to construct a home from their plans (and not in front of them) to see how they actually went together. They almost never quite work out like the pretty picture since it wasn’t rooted in architectural knowledge. This leaves the general contractor and the framer scrambling on site to figure out how to make it work out in the field.  Is that how you would want your process to go? And, by the way, those mistakes on their plans cost you a lot of extra lumber, beams, and other materials they hadn’t ordered in the original take-off, not to mention the lost time and headaches.
Advantages: the house is pretty (if it looks the same) Disadvantages: little to no structural considerations and no professional liability

Goldberg Design Group is different.

Stephen Goldberg, owner and lead designer, has a formal education in Architectural design from Washington University in St. Louis; he framed homes for two years during summer breaks from his degree work to ensure that he fully understood, from the field, not just behind a desk, how the homes he designs are framed and constructed; he has 30 years of experience designing high-end, custom homes that have been constructed in Central Indiana and throughout the country. If you have looked at the portfolio section of this site, you will also see that the homes he creates are as artistic as they are technically correct in any style that the client wishes to pursue. Consistent time spent traveling, reading, and continuing education keeps GDG’s plans at the forefront of current styles,trends and products for your new home. During the planning process GDG can help you find reputable home builders to bid out the project to ensure you are receiving a fair price, or you may select a builder on your own – your choice, you are not beholden to one option.  GDG also can package their other services, Interior Design and Site Observation and Consultation,  along with their Architectural services to alleviate the stress of finding and managing other companies and consultants to take you through the entire building process.


  • Formally educated in Architectural Design – you are hiring a highly experienced, educated professional
  • GDG specializes in high-end, custom homes – you will receive high-level design and advice from someone who has designed homes for 30 years
  • Highly detailed plan sets that leave little room for error while constructing the home – you save time, money, and headaches
  • Professional Liability Insurance covers all our design projects – you keep your investment safe
  • Always on the “cutting-edge” of design – you are getting a firm that performs work in many locales and is able to bring the newest, most innovative ideas and design to your project
  • Can assist in finding and retaining a reputable home builder for your project without you being locked into one builder upfront – you have the ability to get competitive bids for your home
  • Will assist you in reviewing and understanding the bids for your home – you no longer have to worry about understanding industry jargon and complex builder spreadsheets
  • Offers continuing services to complete your home including both full Interior Design services, and Site Observation and Consultation to ensure the Builder’s compliance with the design intent and technical integrity throughout the entire project

Call us now at 317-582-1430 to see how we can lead you through the Dream Home Design process.

  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz
  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz
  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz
  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz
  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz
  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz
  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz
  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz
  • Stephen Goldberg in Carmel, IN on Houzz